“After fad diets, nutritional shakes, starving and constant exercising I found myself critically ill. My consultant referred me to Charnj – The minute I met her I knew things were going to change. She didn’t start focusing on my weight she went straight for it and started working with my inner self. She gave me power, control and autonomy and before I knew it, I was making important decisions and my body shape was changing. I can’t actually recall when…but I remember feeling stronger emotionally and physically and every session was a blast. I love training with Charnj”. – Sam

“Charnj would train me at home, with the least equipment. It was always full of fun. During PT sessions Charnj would make me laugh. Charnj started to teach me about nutrition and I started to eat well. I was losing weight and eating more. I was allowed cheat days and managed my cravings”.Jake.

“Training with Charnj was always exciting. Always did something different. I learnt so much about my body and how it works. For someone so short (sorry Charnj) she has so much power. Do not under estimate her strength”.- John.

“She is one of the most adorable trainers I know – So humble yet so with it – I loved training with Charnj – I saw results and have managed to maintain this”. – Jazz.

“I had limited time to reach my goal but I lost a dress size with Charnj in 6 weeks”. – Anita

“I met Charnj in a Leisure centre when she was covering a boxing class. I was amazed at her power and agility and have trained with her ever since. Look forward to my PT sessions every week”. – Jackie.

“PT sessions are always so different but full of drive and power- you have no choice but to achieve – love it!” – Raymond

“Charnj can deliver – do not be fooled”. – Mark

“I had a complex about my body. I am still working on my goal but my mind set so different. Thank you Charnj”.- Rhea

“Reached my goal – Climbed the mountain. Charnj is not just a pretty face and a good trainer but so with it and real. Thank you for being so inspiring. Thank you for investing time in me when I wanted to give up”. – Pam.

“Was disappointed as she was unable to travel to where I am. Not a bad thing as I later learnt she was a psychologist too”. – Anon

“I loved training with Charnj- She is awesome” – Ricky

“Her classes were always packed and full of energy” – Sue