Session planning and timing

• Each session must be appointed and agreed ahead of time.
• Cancellations must be made within a minimum 24 hours prior to the pre-agreed session start time or that particular session will be forfeited and taken off your inclusive number of sessions in that package.
• If your personal trainer cancels a session within 24hours prior to the pre-agreed session start time then a replacement session will be offered in place.
• If the client is late the session cannot be extended and will end at the appointed time. If the trainer is late, additional time will be added to the session or to subsequent sessions.
• In the case of the personal trainer falling ill or unable to instruct the session, the session will be canceled and re-arranged and/or may be substituted with another trainer.
• Packages must be used within the suggested time frames as noted on the website, unless a more bespoke package is created and time frames agreed upon prior to training.
• All personal training sessions, Pilates, Yoga and massage sessions are one hour in length. Nutrition consultation duration can vary in length depending on individual clients’ needs.
• If you are satisfied with your trainer after the first session, we aim to keep said trainer for the entire duration of your selected package.


• Packages are booked on a pre-pay basis and all packages must be paid for in advance/at the start of the initial session of that block.
• Each package is non-refundable once purchased and monies are received by WedFit London Ltd.
• All sessions are conducted either outdoors or in the privacy of your own home. Indoor venues can be requested but will incur extra charges.

Health and Safety

• Weather conditions may vary. If you wish to reschedule due to weather conditions being unfavourable, please try and do so within 24-hours. It is at the discretion of your trainer to deem whether it is safe to train.
• All participants must pass the medical assessment before training.
• WedFit can not be held responsible if the client deviates from their provided food plan or training schedule.
• It is understood that both client and trainer must commit to the program 100% in order to achieve results.
• Your trainer will help the Client decide on achievable, realistic goals. He/She will be totally honest if the Client’s goals are unrealistic.
• The Client must inform your appointed WedFit trainer of any condition or changes in their health, now and ongoing, which might affect their ability to exercise safely and with minimal risk of injury.
• The client should wear appropriate and comfortable clothing and supportive footwear. Ladies clothing should provide adequate support where necessary.

Service Conduct and Availability
• Pilates, Yoga, massage and any other beauty services listed will be done within the privacy of your home or at an alternative venue but may incur extra charges (see point 11).
• In the rare case that a particular service is not available as part of your preferred package, WedFit can substitute said service with another, so long as there is availability.
• All terms must be agreed upon should you chose to create your own package with us.

Additional Information

• Should you chose to continue training with your appointed trainer after the package has concluded, please notify us immediately. WedFit London Ltd. will take legal action if not notified as each WedFit trainer must abide by the terms in his/her contract.
• All contact must be made with WedFit London directly and not through your trainer, no contact details such as phone numbers shall be exchanged between the trainer and the client.
• If the Client does not adhere to this agreement, WedFit London reserves the right to terminate it at any time.