Cinderella Corset Effect

‘Cinderella Corset Effect’ – :

Celebs are popping up all over the place with tiny, stream-lined waists called the ‘Cinderella waist’ and corset sales rose 50% after Lily James appeared in the new film, sporting an minuscule midsection. Can this be achieved without a corset ? What about slimming your waist for your upcoming wedding ?

Follow my tips below for how, you too, can slide yourself effortlessly into the most important dress you will wear in your life before the big day :

‘Faran Cooper, central London fitness expert and Pilates specialist suggests the best way to burn fat around the belly to create a ‘wedding dress corset affect’ toned waist-line is to combine HIIT and dynamic Pilates.

High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT for short, has been scientifically proven as the fastest way to burn adipose fat tissue and increase your metabolic rate. HIIT combines short bursts of high intensity excercises, like squat jumps for example, for up to 1 minute with a short rest period in between.

When clients want fast results, I give them a 30- minute HIIT session with an hour of my dynamic mat Pilates straight after to increase flexibility, strength and to lengthen and tone the body from head to toe.

For stronger, leaner abdominal muscles focus on all the muscles in your mid-section, not just the obvious ones. Try a Pilates side plank for 30 seconds then do 5 ‘side-bends’ and then add a few push-ups at the end to really drive those results home. Repeat three to four times on each side for optimum results.

By combining both disciplines at least 3x a week, eat a mostly protein/veg diet and cut out sugar and you could easily see results in four weeks.

Remember ladies and gents, always have a goal (your wedding obviously!) in mind that you are trying to work towards to focus your mind during your workouts.’

Ready, set, go !

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